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Hay Day


Today the kids and I loaded a little over 5 tons of hay into the hay shed.  The ranch we bought it from was about two hours away and we were very happy to have them deliver it.  The less handling you have to do with these bales the longer your back will hold out.  Today’s bales averaged about 68 pounds, which made them much easier to stack than some of the 90 pound monsters we have had in the past.

The sky was gray and overcast early this morning, and by afternoon when they arrived we had a light but steady sprinkling of rain coming down.  The three axle flatbed trailer they brought it on was loaded up 10 feet tall.  The three guys that brought the hay actually helped us load the shed up.  In the ten years we have been buying hay no one has ever helped us load it into the shed.  We had ten people helping unload and load that shed up, and the way the weather was looking we had to move fast.

Due to the barn location behind the house and shop the closest we can usually get a trailer of this size is about fifty feet.  Accessibility with large trailers is a good thing to think about if you are constructing a barn somewhere.   The kids’  plastic snow toboggans with rope tethers work great to slide a bale from the trailer to the barn even without snow.  We used to have four and now after many years of use we are down to two.  A furniture handcart was good for hauling two at a time and one or two kids managed that fairly well.  I drove the mower with the trailer on it, and that was good for four or five at at time.  One of the ranch hands grabbed my big wheel barrow and was managing two at a time with that.

We moved 157 bales of hay into the shed and barn in about an hour.

Hay in the barn makes it tight and cozy in here now.

Hay in the barn makes it cozy in here.

We were tired and glad to be done, and then it started dumping rain.

God is good.

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    Farm kids — Owlhaven:

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    Wow, God is good indeed! Perfect planning on his part!
    How lovely that they not only delivered, but even helped you haul in the hay in the barn.

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    It never fails for us, the day we put up hay, usually about 200 bales, it threatens to rain, sprinkles or pours rain. Like you, our storage is not easily accessible – I’ll have to remember the sled idea, we use our garden cart too – next time, I think that I’ll hook it up to the lawnmower.

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    Chris D.:

    Have I told you lately that you amaze me? You have been a hero of mine since you kept a bully away from me at Central while waiting for the bus in our elementary school days. God has indeed been gracious to us all.

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    Ken moved 144 bales of hay last week, weighing 110# each! It took him a couple of hours, but he had a forklift with a platform on it that fit 14-16 bales at a time, so it was manageable! The hay was stacked close to the barn, so he only had to move it about 60-70 feet to get it under cover. I was pretty proud of my strong handsome husband with his hay hooks and hay chaps! :)

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