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Spicy cupboard door

It starts with two pieces of pine for the sides. Cutting the shelf slots (dadoes) with the radial arm saw is the next step. If you started with one wide piece of pine, it could be ripped in half after the dadoes were cut, and avoid this next trick.

If, like me, you start with two pieces of pine, then keeping them together during the dado process is fairly easy after you make one. A small piece of the shelf material works as a key by locking the two pieces together. This insures that both sides of the shelf will be cut the same and keep the shelf level and square. Remember to cut to the line to keep the slots tight. You can always take material off one hair at a time, but it never goes on again. By keeping the slots tight I was able to glue in the shelves and didn’t need nails. The only nails used on this one were on the ends of the rails on each shelf.

Using the pine for the sides gave me something other than one quarter inch plywood for attachment to the cabinet door. Pocket holes are good for this and, (this is important) three quarter inch screws are long enough to get a good grip without breaking out the front of the door.

With this rack covering the remainder of the door I needed to modify the cabinet shelf that was in the way. By cutting out the depth of the spice rack and leaving the edges, the plastic shelf supports can still be used. A little oak veneer covers up some very nasty looking particle board and doesn’t take much time to glue on.

The new one above and the old one below hold 56 tins together.

Nothing left to do but leave the happy chef to alphabetize her spice rack.

6 Responses to “Spicy cupboard door”

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    Spice cupboard update | Owlhaven:

    [...] through the FAFSA twice in a row — once for each of my college students. Thus I leave you with a post from my husband, showing you the wonders he worked in my spice cupboard. Now it is even better than when I showed [...]

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    Teresa White:

    Wow!!! i love your spice cupboard. That is the neatest I have ever seen..and much more special since it is homemade. i bought your book not long after it was published and have enjoyed it so much.. thanks for the suggestion about the cascade complete. I have tried everything and my dishwasher would not clean the dishes but when you said you had to use that one(although more costly). i tried it and have been using it ever since.. we must have the same dishwasher. i am now reading your book the second time around.. I have really saved money with your suggestions and I admire your big family.. Mine are grown and I have grandchildren, but everyone could use your saving ideas. Recipes are great too! Thanks again, Teresa

  3. 3

    They look so great. I don’t suppose you and Mary would like to come to New Zealand and make me some :-)

    There’s something about spices all lined up ready for action!

    Cheer,s Wilma

  4. 4

    Oh. My. Goodness!!! This is the coolest!! I might just have to see if my HandyRandy can work this miracle for our spice cabinet :)

  5. 5
    Christy B.:

    Wow! I’m jealous…I mean, in a totally loving and Christian way, but, man, I’m jealous! Way to go!

  6. 6

    very nice Mary it looks great! My hubby did something similar but used the cupboard space and created out a pull out drawer, with spices lining both sides, front and back, also a great way to store cookie sheets upright too, if you have need of new storage for that type of thing!:-)

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