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Black Walnut Headboard

Eight inch posts are hollow.

Eight inch posts are hollow.

I finally got this one done after kicking the wood around in the shop for about eight months. Part of the delay was just deciding on a design we both liked. The matching arches in the side rails (covered by the quilt) and the foot board were last minute changes that really helped tie it all together.

Headboard foot board and side rails

Headboard foot board and side rails

This was easily one of the biggest pieces of furniture that I have ever done. It took up a lot of space in the shop even when it was broken down.

IMG_1892 [640x480]

I had a little help from one of my boys to get that headboard into the house. We both thought that it weighed easily over one hundred pounds and just under two hundred.

starting the finish

A bed at our rental beach house inspired me to make one that didn’t budge whenever someone rolled over. This thing is rock solid, with not even a squeak or wriggle.

finish on

The light colored board with the “live edge” was an idea I had seen done on other furniture pieces, only many of theirs are out where you could see them and were a part of the main design element. I’m a little too picky for that, but thought it would be fun to have one that didn’t show until the mattress was off. I know it’s there anyway.


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    I love it! So beautiful :)

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    Wow! Beautiful

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    chris d.:

    Zowie! That’s gorgeous. Well done John.

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    That is gorgeous, John! Nice work!

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    That is a masterpiece! I love how the grain in the wood show and it is such a beautiful color.

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